Strengthening Native American Communities through homeownership

The heart and soul of the American dream, homeownership, the reality of being able to buy a home where families can embrace their traditions and culture for generations to follow.

Helping Native Families Attain Home Ownership

About Us

Native Housing Consulting Services (NHCS) was founded based on the need for comprehensive home loan programs that are specifically designed for Native Americans. There is an inequity of homeownership in Indian Country due to the complex land structure that is unique to reservations. The lack of lending capacity, mainstream loan services and flexible credit access restrict families from realizing homeownership. Additional challenges associated with the remoteness of many tribal reservations and trust lands, such as higher construction costs and insufficient infrastructure limit development.

With 29 years combined experience NHCS has witnessed the hardships tribes face in assisting their members in owning a home of their own. We have made it our personal mission and passion to help tribes overcome obstacles and bring homeownership to Indian Country.