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Mission & Core Values

NHCS offers specialized services for Native American homeownership providers. We achieve successful program implementation of policies and loan programs by providing operational capacity, training and technical assistance to empower Native Americans for generations.

Vision Statement

We envision Native American Communities will have specialized programs that meet the needs of their unique culture and lands. Comprehensive homeownership policies and flexible loan programs will provide greater economic independence from current funding options by retaining income for future growth. Homeownership will become an attainable reality that tribes will provide for their people.

Helping Native Families Attain Home Ownership

We envision tribes will have the ability to maneuver through the complex land status and Homesite leasing process by having all-inclusive regulations with strong legal counsel and governmental relationships. The future of homeownership for Native Americans will allow their home and land to be passed down to future generations while building traditional equity.

We envision strong family and community bonds as homeowner's create stability by having a home to call their own. The life changing opportunity of becoming a homeowner will foster pride of ownership, financial capability and a legacy for many generations to follow. NHCS is the key to bringing the American dream of homeownership to Native America.

Contact Us

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